What does the ISBE TD Sketcher offer me?

ISBE TD Sketcher allows you to create tool drawings for quote and approval as well as the digital twins of high-precision tools for manufacturing within just a few minutes. CAD knowledge is not required.


Why should I use the ISBE TD Sketcher instead of a conventional CAD program?

With ISBE TD Sketcher your time and cost expenditure are much lower. Instead of creating a complex CAD drawing, you describe the tool step by step by entering tool parameters. From this you can then generate a drawing, a real 3D model and the digital tool data.


Which tool types can I define with the software?

With ISBE TD Sketcher you can describe solid carbide and HSS tools. Through various add-ons you can extend the software according to your requirements. For more information on the different packages of the ISBE TD Sketcher, please click here.


Can I use my own flute geometries in the ISBE TD Sketcher?

Yes, you can use your own flute geometries in the ISBE TD Sketcher. For more details, please click here.


My customers already demand the digital tool data and the 3D model with the quote drawing of the tools.

No problem! Once you have defined the tool with the ISBE TD Sketcher, you can use this data set to generate a drawing, digital tool data and the 3D model - all from one source.


Are the generated digital tool data compatible with other systems?

Yes, thanks to the ISBE GDX®box. It smartly links up connected machines and turns the data into the commonly used formats for the different working sections. For more information on the ISBE GDX®box, please click here.


Are the digital tool data also compatible with the MachiningCloud?

Yes. With a special export function in the software (STEP export) you can convert the digital tool data and provide it directly for the MachiningCloud. For more information about this topic, please click here.

Can I add tool coatings to my drawings and the digital twins?

Yes, with ISBE TD Sketcher you can individually select standard coatings for each tool. For more information on tool coatings, please click here.


Do I need to create an extra drawing for my tool blanks with ISBE TD Sketcher?

No, this is not necessary. You can derive your blanks with just a few mouse clicks from the previously created tool data. For more information on this topic, please click here.

Are updates free of charge?

Updates are always free of charge for every user. For customers who additionally have booked premium support, the software updates automatically to the latest version in the background.


Which other advantages do I have with premium support?

You receive fast, cost-effective and competent support through direct contact with our experts. We give priority to your inquiries and present solutions to your problem as soon as possible. For more information on premium support, please click here.


Which technical requirements does my system have to meet for ISBE TD Sketcher to run properly?

Click here for detailed information about the system requirements.


Who can help me with the usage if I can’t get any further?

Our experts are at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm. Please contact us with your concern by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Why should I decide for ISBE TD Sketcher?

With ISBE TD Sketcher you save time and resources: Thanks to the intuitive handling a short learning phase is guaranteed. Once you have documented the specifications of the customer’s tool, you can use this to generate drawings for quote and approval and to provide the digital twins for the manufacturing – all from one single data set.


Can I test the ISBE TD Sketcher?

Yes, of course. You can access the 30-day evaluation version here.

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