Highlights of the latest TD Sketcher release

The TD Sketcher, one of our most popular products and designed for tool drawing creation, but also tool data generation, management and interfacing. This blog article takes a closer look at the new features and highlights of the latest releases.


These are the Highlights!

NEW With the current release, the input options for core diameters have been extended. In the settings for the core diameter, up to 4 core diameters can now be defined individually, whereby not only core courses, but also core jumps can be generated as desired. HPC cutters as well as step and contour tools can be designed even faster and more precisely with these extended setting options. In addition, the core diameter can now also be specified as a percentage. Due to the new input option, the core diameter automatically scales along and thus simplifies the creation of new tools based on existing ones.

NEW The new function Detail Views and Auto Tables enabless you to upload your own images or graphics, manage them and link them to an Auto Table to have individual manufacturing information available in all TD Sketcher drawings at any time. When drawing parameters are changed, the parameter tables are subject to automatic update of all linked pages as usual. In parallel, this version includes a selection of sample images and drawings.

NEW The new blank quick request allows you to place orders for all generated carbide blanks at your preferred supplier. After setting up your supplier you are able to place an order request almost automatically in your demanded quantities and carbide grade.This feature is linked to your email programme and will generate an email including the blank drawing as an attachment automatically. In the process, all cylinder shanks are fully dimensioned according to DIN 6535 HB (with clamping surface) and can also be used as grinding instructions.

NEW Adding, maintaining and managing of cutting materials basing on your cutting material supplier and your specific grade. This feature allows you to add you preferred cutting materials, such as carbide grades, and its suppliers similar to our Coating-Feature. The cutting material can be selected in the Project-Wizzard’s for all tools.

 ...and much more!


Download the new version here.


For all customers with premium support, the software automatically updates to the latest version in the background.


Enjoy the new version!


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