New Licensing System from Autumn 2021


Good news! We will introduce a new licensing system with the Autumn 2021 Release. This means for you: Simpler activation process, increased availability and more flexibility!

For a seamless transfer all you have to do is install the latest autumn 2021 version. We have briefly bunched together all the important information on the change here:

  • All versions from Autumn 2021 onwards will run exclusively via the new licensing system.
  • If you purchase new licences or change existing licences from October 2021, we will always issue them automatically for the new system.
  • Previous licences will continue to function until their expiry date. We will port the licences to the new licensing system by 31.12.2021.
  • Ported licences are automatically downloaded and integrated from the latest version.
  • Systems running behind firewalls or without access to our licence servers must - as usual - be converted manually.

We recommend you to update to the Autumn 2021 Version by 31.12.2021 at the latest.


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